The Convenience of Automatic Openers

garage door opening mechanism

We no longer have to get up to change channels on TV, turn the volume down on your music system, or exit our cars to open or close the garage. Having a garage door opener installed with an wireless switch and a key ring remote is convenient to say the least.

The main device that controls the garage door and picks up a signal from the remote control device is called a garage door opener remote. These devices have been improving continuously with time and consist of various advanced features; for example, some garage door openers come with Tri-code or +2.0 technology where there is no chance of cross frequency interference between your garage door and another wireless device within range of your house.

Merlin has a wide range of automatic garage doors to suit any domestic home. Merlin doors are backed by a national network that provides customers with the right service as well as advice. Garage door openers by Merlin are reliable, powerful, fast, convenient and quiet. They are built with the strength to open any domestic door no matter what brand or size. The Merlin range is a popular choice. They make the best openers on the market and offer safe, secure and reliable machinery. Door openers by Merlin are designed to suit every budget. They also offer different levels of warranty.

A brief description of Merlin’s garage door openers.

  • MT3850 EVO by Merlin
    designed for sectional and panel-lift garage doors comes with 2 remote controls, a wireless wall controller, a wireless keypad and battery back-up.
  • MR850 EVO by Merlin
    designed for roller garage doors. This product has the latest energy saving design features and is backed by a 5 years warranty.
  • MT800 by Merlin
    designed for sectional garage doors is a powerful opener and the perfect choice for modern homes.

Merlin is the most trusted and reliable manufacturer and they are known for their performance and convenient automation products. Modern Garage Solutions have been supplying and installing the security, safety and convenience of Merlin garage door openers for several years now.

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