Disability : A Case Study

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Let’s face it, automatic garage doors have made cold winter mornings a lot more bearable. We open and close our garage door with ease thanks to a handy remote control. It saves the extra effort of getting in and out of the car to bend and lift an awkward garage door.

Automating your existing garage door is a popular option for home owners wanting such convenience and comfort and installing a garage door opener is not that expensive. Very few people are installing doors without them these days, but it works out cheaper to do the lot at the same time.

Modern Garage Solutions have a two-pronged approach to installing automatic openers on existing garages or enclosed carports.

  • Firstly we ensure that there is enough space on the side of the roller door or above the sectional garage door to install the unit.
  • Secondly, the existing roller door or sectional door has to be in good operating condition. This ensures that the new opener has the best chance of lasting the maximum life span of about 15-20 years.


Disability and the modern garage door


[styled_box color=”orange” title=”Q : Is there a typical type of person who buys only the garage door opening device and not a garage door?”] . . . Actually, the answer is yes! [/styled_box]

It’s interesting, but people who tend to request just the garage door opener (for their existing garage) fall into a particular demographic.

  • the elderly
  • injured people
  • people of all ages who suffer back pain
  • overweight people

Anyone who struggles with lifting or bending are the typical customer to request an automatic opening system. So not only are automatic openers installed for convenience, they also assist challenged home owners with their day to day routines.


Cathy recently converted her 5 year old manual roller door to automatic as her movement became increasing restricted due to disability. Cathy relied on her son to open and close the garage door every time it was used. By simply having an opener installed, she was able to retain her sense of dignity and gain just a little more independence. Such a simple thing can have a huge impact on someone’s life.

Cathy researched the options and once we had a look at the dimensions and condition of her existing roller door, we suggested a Merlin MR850 EVO silent drive with a battery back-up unit.

Criteria Reasons for choosing the opener
Roller door Merlin MR850 is reliable opener with a market leading 5 year warranty
Condition of roller door ok
Battery back up The opener can still be used even if there is no power-battery backup unit takes over when main power is switched off
Long warranty Merlin has proven its quality and is very confident in offering a 5 years parts and labour warranty on the MR850 EVO silent drive.

Like Cathy, many people with restricted movement, disability, age or even non-challenged people craving convenience have automatic openers installed on their new or existing door.
What was once considered a luxury accessory is now easily affordable.

We recommend and use parts supplied to us by Merlin. Merlin have a huge range of automatic garage door openers suitable for all garage doors. We don’t have an agreement with Merlin. We just think they are the best and like to use good quality products.

We’re all aging or falling apart in some way. One day you might actually need a garage door opener. When you do, give Modern Garage Solutions a call.

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