Home Security : A Case study

Numerous homeowners depend on garage doors by us here at Modern Garage Solutions to ensure home security while making their home look aesthetically appealing. Modern Garage Solutions have recently completed a garage door installation for a young couple with a child in Canning Vale.


Canning Vale Garage Doors

Mandy and Tyler recently bought a house in Canning Vale and wanted to add security components and street appeal to their new home. One of the things they did first was have a decent garage door installed so that they could provide themselves and their vehicle with solid security. Their primary reason for purchasing the garage door was to ensure that their premises were secure and aesthetically appealing and that the selected colour matched the rest of the house.

Mandy and Tyler were looking for an experienced garage door company that provides a variety of parts and services to meet their overall requirements. They organized several quotes to find out the best garage door company. They also began checking the portfolio of projects done by different garage door companies to help select the best one. Here’s ours.

Finally, the couple decided to consult their friends and neighbors to get an idea about the best garage door companies available in the neighborhood. They heard about Modern Garage Solutions from their neighbours who had got their garage door installed by Modern Garage Solutions. In fact, Modern Garage Solutions had installed four garage doors in Canning Vale, not far from Mandy and Tyler’s street. So they went for a drive. All the garage doors installed by Modern Garage Solutions in Canning Vale area were aesthetically appealing. The color and style of the doors perfectly complemented the style of each homes. Both Mandy and Tyler liked the work done by Modern Garage Solutions and on learning that the company is staffed by qualified fitters, they decided to call Modern Garage Solutions for a quote.

After calling seven companies the couple only actually received 3 quotes. One of the quotes was from us here at Modern Garage Solutions. The couple was very happy with the quote provided by Modern Garage Solutions and had no hesitation in confirming the order. Moreover, they were looking for a company that provided efficient service at an affordable price and Modern Garage Solutions was in the right ball park. They decided to go with us and we succeeded in satisfying all of their garage door needs. They even provided us with a great written testimonial (see sidebar).

Centurion garage door with Merlin opener

Even though Canning Vale is considered as a safe area of Perth, since the couple recently gave birth to a baby girl, they didn’t want to take chances with security and shifty street access.
Therefore, to satisfy the requirements of the couples, we installed a Centurion garage door in classic cream and a Merlin MT800 belt drive opener for reliable, quiet and convenient operation.

Centurion garage door

We chose Centurion garage door for the project as these doors are specially designed and manufactured with finger safe technology. Centurion garage doors are known for their strict safety guidelines and they have been satisfying clients by assuring maximum security for their premises.

Merlin automatic openers

Merlin MT800 is a powerful DC opener that is highly preferred for single and double sectional garage doors. We chose Merlin MT800 belt drive opener for the project, as this quiet belt drive is the ideal choice for modern homes.

Mandy and Tyler were very much pleased with our service and they were so thrilled with the results that they have sent Modern Garage Solutions a great testimonial for bringing peace and security to their lives. We beieve that our new site is the most up to date site in Perth. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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