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Modern Garage Roller Doors for Perth Homes

If you have a contemporary home that is minimalist, sleek and carefully designed, chances are you’re looking for sectional or roller doors that match the look of the rest of the exterior. After all, that area makes up a significant proportion of what you see when you’re looking at the house from the street; if it were the wrong colour, texture or material, it would really stand out. At Modern Garage Solutions, we can help make sure you have a door (and opening system) that matches the look and feel of the rest of your property. No more old-fashioned timber look or clunky, bright coloured sections – just smooth and modern doors that are convenient to open and operate!

Sectional garage doors

Sectional doors are those which are made up of square or rectangular panels. They retract into sliding tracks along the roof of the garage when the door is up. These are a good choice for blending in with other exterior cladding, or for adding a look of security; they appear very hefty and tough, although they are light. They can be automated easily.

Roller doors

As the name suggests, garage roller doors roll up neatly when raised. They can be made of a variety of lightweight metals, some with insulation in between. They are available in most Pantone colours – ideal for contemporary homes in very specific neutral colour schemes, or brightly painted properties. They can be automatic, semi-automatic or manual.

For more information on any of our modern design and installation options, please call us on (08) 9349 9056.


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