Benefits of Buying a Garage Door

wood panel garage door

Garage Doors are an enormously useful addition to your home. Your carport may not currently have one. Installing a garage door provides you with two significant benefits :

  • provides effective security and
  • enhances the visual appeal of your home.

A new garage door not only adds value to your home but also makes your home more secure by serving as a deterrent to potential criminals and security for your vehicles. If your house has a garage door, a criminal is liable to think twice about entering your property.

When installing a garage door in your home, you should conduct a thorough evaluation of your requirements to suit the usage of your garage. Thus, before getting the door installed, you should choose one that is aesthetically appealing and complements the style of your house. We can help you with this. Ideally, you should take the time to drive around your neighbourhood to find out similar house styles to your own and observe what matches and what doesn’t. Perhaps you could take a photo on your phone so that you can show us the kind of door you’re after (do so discreetly or you might upset Neighbourhood Watch). A little research always helps you make the right decision. You should also get your garage door installed by professionals – the money you save by getting a handyman or your friend to install one will be far less than the money you’ll spend fixing the problems.

Decent garage door openers are also a good investment. With garage door openers, you never have to get out of your car again to open or close the door. By simply pressing a remote control, garage access and security is right at your fingertips. Furthermore, garage door openers also add to the security and safety of your vehicles by making access to your garage difficult for criminals.

With enhanced technology, power outages like the ones experienced in the recent Perth storms will be of no concern to you. Some garage door openers come installed with a battery back-up system built into the door, or you could have a separate battery backup installed alongside your existing garage door. It can be a major problem to get out of your car without the ability to operate the garage door opener, so we can install manual switches also. Garage door openers with battery backup are in huge demand amongst homeowners as they allow you to enter your garage when the power is out. Merlin Professional Garage Door Openers offers several battery back-up options that provide power for operating your gate if the mains power is interrupted. For example the EVO MR850 roller door opener (by Merlin) is considered the best opener for automatic roller doors on the market. Designed for residential rolling garage doors, this powerful and quiet door opener is specially made for Perth’s extreme weather conditions. The battery backup system ensures that the automatic doors can be operated during blackouts. The Merlin MT3850 Whisper Drive Sectional & Tilt Door Opener is an ideal accessory for the house that deserves the best. The Whisper Drive is fast and quiet with an integrated automatic battery backup system and is the best choice for sectional garage doors (check out our various types of garage door in our gallery).

People these days often enter their home via the garage door rather than the front door. In order to conform to this new trend, you should make sure that your garage door and opener is capable and secure enough to deal with this.

For all your garage door needs, please check out and for all the latest trends and technology available for the entire garage door range. You could also ou may visit Centurion Garage Doors for all the latest styles and technology available in the garage door range.

Speak to us here at Modern Garage Solutions today for all your door needs and get your garage door installed by professional technicians. Modern Garage Solutions, a Perth garage door company, provides you with fitted doors of excellent quality and is highly concerned about the safety, security and the visual appeal of your home. Since our inception, our proficient technicians have been provided flawless service to our wonderful customers.

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