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a few words about us

Garage Doors Plus is Perth’s leading garage door company. Our professional and convenient approach continues to impress our customer and our service and prices are genuine and reliable.

We’ve got some great testimonials to share with you PLUS our existing customers offer to speak on our behalf. The most consistent form of advertising continues to be word of mouth. We find that our customers are so impressed with the experience that they become our “sales person”.

Garage Doors Plus is operated by a qualified installer ensuring you’ll always get the right answers from a genuine Perth garage door company. Our goal is clear; to make purchasing your new garage door or accessory pleasant, easy and most of all a convenient experience. 


Kamil is the founder of Garage Doors Plus, having started the company back in 2013.

In the 6 years of operations, Kamil has worked with hundreds of customers around Perth to help them find the perfect garage door for their home.

Kamil is now the Sales Director at Eden Roc Garage Doors, having merged with them back in 2015. 

As the Sales Director, Kamil has moved away from the servicing and installation of garage doors and spends the majority of his time working with customers to find their ideal garage door. 

Our 2015 Partnership with Eden Roc Garage Doors

Garage Doors Plus was presented with the opportunity to join forces with Eden Roc Garage Doors a number of years ago.

Kamil accepted this opportunity, looking to further the business and better serve Garage Doors Plus’ customers by tapping into the resources the larger Eden Roc team were able to provide.

Since partnering with Garage Doors Plus, Eden Roc (now including Kamil) has done incredibly well and is regarded as one of the leading companies within the industry.

Now days Garage Doors Plus and Eden Roc Garage Doors are one and the same. Should you give either Garage Doors Plus a call, you will be greeted by a friendly voice saying “You’ve reached Eden Roc Garage Doors, how can I help?” 

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