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Residential Garage Doors have the potential to be very dangerous to those who are messing with the moving parts.

Firstly, the door can be incredibly heavy (upwards of 150kgs). Should that weight come crashing down, it has the potential to crush or kill.

Secondly, garage doors are ‘sprung’ with a garage door spring. A garage door spring takes the strain of the garage door weight, allowing the motor to open and close the garage door with ease. In doing so, these springs are effectively taking the strain of ~100kgs in the tensioned steel coils. It is not uncommon for the tension within the spring to be suddenly and violently released and take with it the fingers and eyes of the individual who was attempting to retension the spring.

A professional garage door technician has the knowledge and experience to navigate the garage door set up without putting themselves, nor anyone else in the vicinity in any danger. This is something that cannot be guarenteed by an individual who is attempting to undertake a DIY garage door service.

Additionally, a garage door service requires a number of actions be taken to ensure the garage door is operating without issue and to prevent issues from appearing in the future. Professional technicians, with their training and experience conduct this service quickly and efficiently. It is incredibly unlikely that any tasks involved within a service will be missed if performed by a professional technician. 

A service undertaken by an inexperienced, untrained individual will very likely result in crucial actions and checks not being taken during the service, which can very likely lead to undue wear and tear damage, and costly repairs.

It is recommended that the first maintenance service is performed on the garage door 12 months following its installation.

All subsequent maintenance services should be performed every 24 months thereafter.

Ie, Services should be perfomed in Year 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15… etc.

Give your local garage door technician a call.

If you’re based in Perth, Western Australia – that’s us!

Our number is 9303 9334, alternatively send an email to

We will take your details, identify the issue you are facing, and work with you to get your door appropriately serviced.

There are a number of different types of garage doors. They all operate slightly differently, or have a different look about them, but they all effectively do the same thing. They’re huge steel doors.

A short summary of the different types of garage doors:

Roller Doors are composed from a single pleated sheet of metal which furls and unfurls into a cylinder sitting above the doorway to open and close. 

Sectional Doors are composed of a number (4-5) of rigid, horizontal steel panels. These rigid panels are connected via hinges which allow the door to be pulled up through a curved track to sit below the garage roof when open. 

Tilt Doors are composed of a single rigid steel panel, which – like sectional garage doors – are pulled through a curve to sit below the garage roof when open. Tilt doors, however, are considered more dangerous as a crucial element, the tilt door spring, becomes a dangerous missile when it breaks after many tears of wear and tear. For this reason, we do not sell or install tilt doors.

Timber-look Doors are sectional doors which have the appearance of wood, despite being made from steel. It carries the luxury wood aesthetic, without the associated maintenance.

Custom Doors are doors designed and manufactured exactly to your unique specifications and style requirements. Custom doors are typically the most ‘luxury’ door style. Custom doors include wooden doors, partially transparent doors, and aluminium doors.

Commercial Doors are doors specifically designed for use in a business or industrial setting. Typically these doors are pretty plain in terms of appearance but are incredibly functional, cost-effective, and have the potential to be oversized.

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