Garage door insurance claim Perth

Insurance claims for garage doors Perth

Impact damage, vandalism and storm damage to your garage doors
are some of the most common examples of home owners lodging garage door insurance claims in Perth. Garage doors fall under your home insurance policy, so if you’re a home owner, property manager or a landlord who has experienced such accidents, be sure to call Modern Garage Solutions Perth for a rapid response. We offer free measure and quotes and to get the claims process underway, we conveniently provide a written assessment, quote and photos directly to your insurance company.

Garage door insurance claimImpact damage occurs when the vehicle impacts with the garage door or the surroundings, whether it be the car itself, roof racks or any items transported on the vehicle. Most commonly, this can occur when you are in a hurry to leave, distracted or in an unfamiliar situation (reversed into the garage rather then driven in forwards). If the damage to the door is noticeable, our insurance experts can assess your garage door and provide you with unbiased information.

Recently Perth has experienced unusual weather events, be it hail, storms or high winds, these weather elements can cause significant damage to your garage door and opener. Replacement and garage door repairs are covered under your policy, check with your insurer about the excess payment and preferred repairer (some insurance companies will have a list of preferred repairers) before engaging Modern Garage Solutions to assist you with your garage door insurance claim in Perth.

We have a dedicated insurance claims response team ready to assist you and your insurer. We provide a like for like replacement guarantee or we can select the best option for your requirement. When it comes to your garage door, trust Modern Garage Solutions to replace or repair your garage door and automatic garage door opener in Perth. You’ll always deal with professional and courteous technically skilled staff conveniently available 7 days/week and after business hours at Modern Garage Solutions Perth.