Garage door insurance claims in Perth

Insurance claim information
With the recent Perth storms only a few weeks ago, many people may find that they have suffered storm damage to parts of their houses. We speak to a lot of different trades around and industries such as fencing, roofing all experience an increase in workloads following a storm. Your Home Building insurance policy will cover most repairs caused by storms. But storms aren’t the only reason why you may need to lodge an insurance claim; your home building insurance policy may also cover accidental damage to your property as well as impact damage and break ins. When it comes to your garage door, the most common cause of damage to your door is impact damage; damage sustained by your motor vehicle colliding with your garage door.

In some instances, the damage can have no effect on the way in which your garage door operates. The general rule for assessing the damage is if the damage is clearly visible, you are entitled to have your garage door repaired or replaced. The picture above was taken when we were driving past a garage door, we couldn’t help but stop and speak to the owners. This door was damaged when the owner was trying to get to the top of the steep driveway only to accelerate too much and collide with the door. If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t hesitate to call Modern Garage Solutions. We can arrange to come to your site, assess the damage, give you a free quote and help lodge the claim straight to your insurance company, all at no charge to you.

It’s a sad reality but the increasing numbers of burglaries around Perth may mean that your home or someone you know will come face to face with this frightening reality. Here are some tips on how to reduce the appeal of your garage to a robber:
Keep your garage doors closed and locked at night. Make sure your garage windows are all closed and locked; it is hard to hear someone in your garage door because you may be inside watching TV not noticing the criminal activities happening inside your garage. Also, garages have ladders and other tools that can help criminals gain access to the main part of your home; so keeping your garage secured at all times will not entice the criminals to target your home.