Garage door replacement remotes

Stolen or misplaced keys and garage door remotes are a frequent occurrence. If you’ve encountered this situation before you’ll understand the inconvenience and shock which this brings. In a recent incident, an elderly lady had had her hand bag stolen from a public library. not only did they manage to steal the handbag, by the time Mary noticed that it was missing, she saw her car being driven out of the parking lot. The shock of the situation bought a lot of fear for Mary. With the help of the staff at the local library and her daughters, she managed to cancel her credit cards, phone plan and notify police of the incident.

Mary didn’t want to take any chances, the next thing she did was to get the locks changed at her house and organize replacement garage door remotes for her garage door. When Mary told us of her situation, we understood the importance to Mary’s security and made this our priority. Modern garage solutions met Mary at her house that afternoon. We informed Mary that her Merlin garage door remotes can be easily replaced but firstly and more importantly, the old garage door remotes were erased so that anyone who had access to them and knew of Mary’s address weren’t going to be able to access the property and the contents of the garage.

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Automatic garage door opener remote

The shock which Mary has suffered was noticeable, she feared for her security and privacy. With our quick response, Modern Garage Solutions Perth were able to ease some of the fear Mary experienced. The Merlin garage remote controls would be of little value to the thief’s, often they’ll just be thrown away. It was the fear that one day the thief’s could access the property which was the major concern. If you find yourself in the situation where your keys have been stolen or lost, Modern Garage doors in Perth offers a quick response for all garage door repairs in Perth. We offer after hours and weekend appointments for your convenience. Call 9349 9056 to have your garage door remote replaced or repaired.