Garage Door Manufacturers

The vast number of garage doors in the Perth market are produced by the key few Australian door manufacturers. While they each have their own focus and specialty, they all produce incredibly high quality doors which will last for 15 – 20 years and potentially many more with regular servicing!

Centurion Garage Doors

Centurion has been manufacturing doors in WA for +40 years. They are a great choice for standard colorbond doors.

Steel-line Garage Doors

Steel-line’s arguably provide the greatest value for money with their range of roller and sectional doors.

B&D Garage Doors

B&D manufacture the highest quality garage doors, with a gorgeous range of Timberlook doors.

Danmar Garage Doors

Danmar’s custom garage doors are second to none. For the extremes of luxury, a Danmar door is the best choice.

Centurion Garage Doors

With +40 years manufacturing garage doors in Perth, Western Australia, Centurion has cemented itself as the leading manufacturer of garage doors. Should you encounter a steel roller or sectional garage door, it’s most likely a Centurion-manufactured door. 

We believe their roller and sectional doors are of high quality and great value for money. 

Steel-Line Garage Doors

Steel-line’s 20 offices, spread across Australia, give this manufacturer huge reach, such that you will find their high-quality steel doors in every corner of the country.

With one of their 2 primary factories based here in Perth, the lead time on Steel-line doors is very short when compared to some competitors.

B&D Doors

Despite B&D’s start back in 1956, they have remained one of the most present manufacturers in the industry. B&D doors are renowned for their high-quality, high-tech, & luxury finish.

We will typically look to a B&D manufactured door for our higher-tier sectional and timber-look garage doors for those customers who have the budget and desire more than the simple, stock-standard colorbond steel door.

Danmar Doors

For those customers who are looking for a garage door tailored specifically to their unique design requests, then a Danmar manufactured door is likely what they will receive.

Danmar offers customisation to a degree no other manufactuer can match. Their doors are the peak of luxury, style, and design, and are our go-to manufacturer for those custom doors.


If you would prefer to scroll through the huge range of garage doors we offer, feel free to download the Garage Doors Plus PDF catalogue below.