Despite B&D’s start back in 1956, they have remained one of the most present manufacturers in the industry. B&D doors are renowned for their high-quality, high-tech, & luxury finish.

We will typically look to a B&D manufactured door for our higher-tier sectional and timber-look garage doors for those customers who have the budget and desire more than the simple, stock-standard colorbond steel door.

High-quality & luxury feel

Origins in 1956,
Over 60 years of manufacturing expertise

Doors with immense street appeal

B&D is a name associated with innovation & genuine care

Roller Door Range

B&D’s Roller doors are some of the strongest, smoothest, and highest quality roller doors on the market. Whereas other manufacturers only offer a single type of roller door for all purposes, B&D’s 4 styles ensures that there is a perfect door for your circumstance. These styles include:

  • Roll-A-Door,
  • Roll-A-Door Neo,
  • RollMasta, and
  • Firmadoor

Sectional Door Range

The sectional doors produced by B&D are simply of a higher calibre than of the competing manufacturers. While they do come with a higher pricetag, we do believe they are worth the investment if you have the budget for it.

Statement Doors

Those garage doors that really stand out visually and have an impact on those who pass by, are referred to as ‘Statement Doors’ in the B&D world. These door styles include:

  • Panelift,
  • Panelift Icon, and
  • Designer Doors


Flex-A-Door is a unique style which is exclusive to B&D. It combines the aesthetic of a traditional roller door, with the horizontally pleated steel with the opening action of a sectional garage door.

These doors are ideal replacements for dangerous tilt doors when there is limited overhead space.

Commercial Garage Doors

B&D, going above and beyond its competitors offers commercial garage doors which are not simply the stock-standard roller doors and roller shutters. B&D also manufactures commercial sectional garage doors, bringing the styles within this category to:

  • Sectional doors,
  • Roller doors, and
  • Roller shutters


If you would prefer to scroll through the huge range of garage doors we offer, feel free to download the Garage Doors Plus PDF catalogue below.