With +40 years manufacturing garage doors in Perth, Western Australia, Centurion has cemented itself as the leading manufacturer of garage doors. Should you encounter a steel roller or sectional garage door, it’s most likely a Centurion-manufactured door. 

We believe their roller and sectional doors are of high quality and great value for money. 

Outstanding range of Steel Colorbond Doors

+40 Years experience

Use only Australian-made BlueScope Steel

Australian family owned & operated

Standard Colorbond Range

The Standard Colorbond Range is Centurion’s most popular range of garage doors, and for good reason!

Made from 0.6mm thick steel, these doors are both strong and provide protection while also looking great, with 24 colours and a range of design choices to match your residential home.

Sunshine Series

Centurion’s Sunshine Series is named as such as this collection of doors feature translucent panels. These panels allow sunlight to pass through, illuminating the garage interior during the day, and creating a stunning visual from the street during the evening.

This series pairs incredibly well, stylistically, with modern homes that have a glass or window-heavy aesthetic!

Architectural Series

The doors of the Architectural Series have been designed specifically with modern architecture and home design in mind. Their finish is pristine, with a clean, modern aesthetic.

With 60 powder-coated panel colours to choose from, there will be a door from the architectural series which will add to the street appeal of your home.


"Timbalook" Series

Despite being made from high-quality BlueScope Steel, the doors in Centurion’s “Timelook” series carry a natural timber look with a range of timber finishes to choose from.

These doors provide a natural warmth to your home, all without the price tag nor the maintenance of true timber doors.

Roller Door Range

Centurion’s Colorbond Roller Doors are budget-friendly, reliable, and carry a crisp, appearance which can work well with many residential homes, sheds, storefronts, and more.

With 24 Colorbond colours to choose from, there is a great Centurion roller door design to fit your home! 

Industrial Door Range

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