For those customers who are looking for a garage door tailored specifically to their unique design requests, then a Danmar manufactured door is likely what they will receive.

Danmar offers customisation to a degree no other manufactuer can match. Their doors are the peak of luxury, style, and design, and are our go-to manufacturer for those custom doors.

Extreme customisation & unique feel

Doors to suit any and every style and circumstance

Over 30 standard designs to choose from

Beautiful doors unmatched by competitor manufacturers

Timber Range

Danmar’s range of timber doors are not timber-look doors, as many competing manufactures offer, these doors are true timber, providing an exquisite finish in a variety of colours once stained.

Timber doors do have additional maintenance requirements, however, for those seeking a luxury timber door, they are well worth the effort.

Aluminium Range

The Aluminium range is becoming more popular as time goes on due to its appealing styling and finish.

These doors are designed with modern homes and architecture in mind, and look great with almost any new, modern home.

Thermopanel Doors

Thermopanel doors are Danmar’s take on insulated garage doors. With an appearance indistinguishable from their sectional garage doors, they have a customisable appearance to be paired to match your home’s styling, while reducing the  transfer of noise and heat, ensuring a more comfortable experience inside the garage. Danmar’s Thermopanel styles include:

  • Thermoflat, and
  • Thermofine doors

Precious Metals Range

Visually almost indistinguishable from the Aluminium range, these doors feature flat metallic panels with a negative detail to give the door its pattern. However, these doors are instead composed from:

  • Zinc,
  • Copper and,
  • Corten

Which can give an almost industrial feel to these doors.

Commercial Range

Danmar offers a unique array of commercial doors which have a different feel to them when compared to competing manufacturers. Straying from typical roller doors and shutters, Danmar’s doors are composed from visibly strong and imposing steel. Their commercial styles include:

  • Bar Panel,
  • Grille Panel, and
  • Mesh Panel doors

Custom Range

Customisable is taken to an extreme degree with Danmar’s custom range. With a range of door styles your can take and then make your own, you will definitely be able to design the perfect luxurious and gorgeous door for your home with a Custom Danmar Door.

Colorbond Steel Range

In terms of sectional doors, Danmar’s are high quality, quiet, and a great finish. However, a number of other competitors within the industry, notably Centurion and Steel-line offer better value for money on this front while offering almost as good quality.

Regardless, composed of Australian BlueScope Colorbond steel, these doors look great, with many style options to choose from to find a great looking door for your home.


If you would prefer to scroll through the huge range of garage doors we offer, feel free to download the Garage Doors Plus PDF catalogue below.