Steel-line’s 20 offices, spread across Australia, give this manufacturer huge reach, such that you will find their high-quality steel doors in every corner of the country.

With one of their 2 primary factories based here in Perth, the lead time on Steel-line doors is very short when compared to some competitors.

Nation-wide reach, & Perth Manufacturing

+40 years experience

Great Value for money

x3 Masters Builders Housing Award

Inspirations Range

Steel-line has grouped a number of their most innovative and stylish garage doors together into their ‘inspirations’ range. This includes their:

  • Acrylic,
  • Aliminium Composite,
  • Polycarbonate Multiwall,
  • Western Red Cesar, and
  • Aliminium Bar Treadplate doors

For the most attractive, eye-catching doors, it is best to look towards Steel-line’s Inspirations range.

Sectional Doors

The sectional garage doors are where Steel-line’s doors are at their best. They look great, with lots of customisation options, and can come with many safety-enhancing add-ons to ensure its safe operation.

Doors in this range include:

  • Colorbond,
  • Unicote LUX,
  • Savannah, and
  • Matt Finish doors

Steel-line’s sectional doors are competitively priced, and are one of our two preferred manufacturers of residential Colorbond Sectional doors.

Timber Look Range

Steel-line’s timber look range all have carry a warm, natural aesthetic which is ideal for those Perth homes whose style matches the popular styles of those homes built between 1970 – 2010.

The doors in this range include:

  • DecoWood,
  • BioWood, and
  • Timber doors

Insulated Doors

The doors in Steel-line’s insulated range prevent the transfer of noise and heat, making them ideal for those homes who intend to utilise the garage as if it were an extension of the home as a workshop or another room.

Specialty Range

For those circumstances where a unique design or functionality is required, Steel-line has its specialty range. This range includes the likes of:

  • Aliminium Louvre,
  • Horizontal Slatted,
  • Aluminium Bar Grille, and
  • Security Mesh doors.

Roller Doors

As with Steel-line’s sectional door range, the Colorbond Roller doors are where Steel-line excel. Offering great value for money, a reliable, effective, and strong door ensures that, for typical roller doors, Steel-line is one of our preferred manufacturers.

Commercial Range

Offering 6 different styles of commerical garage doors, Steel-line caters to almost any and all commercial customer with doors that will meet their extreme requirements. These styles include:

  • Aluminium Roller Shutters,
  • Steel Roller Shutters,
  • Aluminium Roller Grilles,
  • Counterweight Doors,
  • Folding Doors,
  • Industrial Roller Doors,


If you would prefer to scroll through the huge range of garage doors we offer, feel free to download the Garage Doors Plus PDF catalogue below.