Garage Door Motors

Garage Doors Plus’ wide range of high quality garage door motors ensures that we will be able to pair your door with the ideal motor to automate your door, regardless of your garage door type, or size.

Roller Garage Door Motors

With a 2 pronged, rotational design, these motors will with roller garage doors

Sectional Garage Door Motors

Utilising a belt or chain drive, these motors will work with Sectional, Custom, Insulated, and Timber-look doors

Commercial Garage Door Motors

Heavy Duty, and incredibly powerful motors, these motors are designed to move the largest and heaviest commercial doors

Roller Garage Door Motors

Roller garage door motors utilise a rotational 2 pronged design, with these prongs locking into the roller door. As the motor is activated, the rotation forces the pleated steel of the roller door to unfurl, closing the door, or to furl, opening the door.

Our preferred Roller Door Motors include; the Merlin SilentDrive Elite, and the ATA GDO-6

Sectional Garage Door Motors

Sectional garage door motors sit below the garage ceiling and utilises a chain drive system to pull the garage door through a curved track to sit below the garage roof when in an open position.

Our preferred sectional garage door motors include; the Merlin Commander Elite, and the ATA Tempo

Commercial Garage Door Motors

Commerical garage door motors are the most powerful motors on the market, capable of opening those immensely large and heavy industrial doors weighing upwards of 300kgs.

Our preferred commercial garage door motors are xxx & xxx

Garage Door Motor Manufactuers

Our range of garage door motors includes all of the major manufacturers in Australia!