Replacement garage door remote Perth

Merlin garage door remote control
Merlin bear claw remote control

Have you lost, broken or had your garage door remotes stolen? Have you put off replacing your remotes because you thought they were too expensive, or didn’t know where to get them from? Modern Garage Solutions, Perth’s most convenient garage door company now offers the whole range of replacement garage door remotes starting from $66 per remote control.

Guardian, Boss, Merlin, Centurion, BnD and ATA are just some of the most popular brands we carry. We can deliver and set up your new garage door remotes at your convenience. Forget about sharing one garage door remote between 3 people, Modern Garage Solutions are now offering affordable garage door replacement remotes in Perth.

All new garage door remotes purchased from Modern Garage Solutions come with a full 1 year warranty against any manufacturing faults (except battery life). We offer different options to open your garage door, we stock wireless wall buttons, external keypads and remotes which you can clip onto your sun visor.

Wireless wall buttons for your garage door opener are perfect to install inside your garage or near your house entry point. They offer the convenience of opening and closing your garage door without the need of looking for your remote control. They are permanently fixed in a secure, convenient place such as near your front door so that you can press the wireless button and by the time you exit your house, the garage door has opened.

External keypads are great for offering a secure way to open and close your garage door from the outside of your garage. This keypad is fixed on the outside of your home and requires a 4 digit PIN number to open or close the garage door. This is a perfect option if you have kids or other family members using your garage while you are not home, as long as they have the PIN number, they can access your garage.

Merlin remote control
Car sun visor clip remote control

The 1 or 3 button remote control with car visor clip are my favourite remote controls. They securely clip onto your sun visor in your car. As we all know, 90% of the time we open or close our garage doors while we are in our cars. For someone like me who likes a minimal amount of attachments on my key ring, this was a great option. I no longer have to dig into my pockets or search around my car for a way to open my garage door. My sun visor Merlin remote control let’s me easily access my garage.

Modern Garage Solutions offer a huge range of garage door remote controls in Perth. We are happy to deliver and programme your new remote controls for you and we offer a range of alternative ways to open and close your automatic garage door. Call 93499056 and speak to a garage door company who are dedicated to finding the right garage door remote solution for your needs and budget.