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01. services

New Garage Doors

Whether building a new home or simply renovating your existing place, we can find the ideal door to complement the design and style of your home.

With a huge range of colours and styles to choose from, we can find the perfect door for your home.

Our range includes doors from all major Australian Manufacturers, with appealing sectional garage doors for the residential home, sturdy and functional roller doors for the shed, or gorgeous custom doors designed and built specifically for you.

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Repair Services

Unfortunately, Garage Doors can break down. If possible, Our Technicians will get your door back in working order.

With a lifespan of ~15 years, it is not uncommon for garage doors to endure a level of wear and tear which, across thousands of opening and closing cycles, can cause parts to break.

Our expert technicians have experience repairing doors all garage door and motor types and will be able to assist.

If it’s not something that can be repaired, we will be able to help you find replacement parts, motors, or doors to get your garage door set up back into a working state.

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Maintenance Servicing

With regular Maintenance Servicing, the lifespan of your garage door can be extended by up to 5 years!

While most owners do not pay heed to their garage door until something is wrong, those who keep their garage door in great shape avoid the undue hassle and cost of a failing garage door set-up.

We recommend that every garage door is serviced every 2 years to keep it in great working condition and prevent small issues from becoming greater ones.


04. services

Insurance Assessments

We work with insurance companies to assess and report on damage the door has endured.

We understand, accidents happen! Mother nature can be powerful! And damage to your door can occur unexpectedly.

Insurance companies must due their due diligence when it comes to managing their insurance claims, and it is us to whom many insurance companies turn to provide a unbiased, and expert assessment.

When the claim is approved, it is Garage Doors Plus who will address the damage and get your door working again.

05. services

Emergency 'Make-Safe' Services

a Damaged door can leave a home vulnerable and – if in a precarious position – dangerous to by standers! We’ll ensure it’s safe.

As the garage can function as another entry to the home or as a storage space, when the door is not working, it is not secure. To ensure that both you and your property is protected, our technician, if unable to get the door in a working state, will bring the door down and lock it closed.

Additionally, a damaged but open garage door presents a danger to anyone or anything beneath it. Door can weight upwards of 150kgs and will crush anything it falls upon. Our technician will safely bring the door down to rest on the ground, alleviating the potential danger.

06. Retail Store

Remotes and Spare Parts

Parts break and Remotes are lost. Should you require any replacements, we have a retail store stocking all the common parts you may require.

If we don’t have the part you require in stock, we can work with our suppliers to bring it in for you.

Our range includes: Remotes, Hinges, Globes, Locks, Keypads, Wall Buttons, and more. From all the major garage door and opener manufacturers.