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Garage Doors

Helping homeowners find the perfect garage door for their home


Finding and Addressing all issues preventing the door from operating correctly


Keeping the garage door in great working condition to prevent issues arising


Determining the cause and the cost of repair or replacement damaged doors or motors

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New Garage Doors

Finding the perfect garage door for your home can be a challenging task for any home owner.

Whether the garage door is for a new home being build or a existing home which is being renovated, Garage Doors Plus will work with you to ensure that the door you purchase is the best door for your home.

Repair Services

While we hope that nothing goes wrong, a garage door is the largest, moving mechanism in the home. Without some ‘love and attention’ being paid to it in its ~15 year lifespan, it is likely that eventually something will wear out or break down, preventing the garage door from working.

When the door does break down, Garage Doors Plus’ Repair Service will identify the issue and, if possible, make the repair on site. Should a repair not be possible, we will explore replacement options with the homeowner.

Maintenance Servicing

To prevent frustrating and potentially costly issues from arising in the future, it was always recommended to service your garage door every 12 months!

A regularly serviced garage doors can have a life-span of 20 years of even longer if they are taken care of! 

Insurance Assessments

In the case where a garage door has become damaged and an insurance claim has been made, Garage Doors Plus will attend the property to asses the damage, determine its cause, and estimate the cost of repair or replacement.

We will also make the repair or replacement as soon as we get the tick of approval from either the insurance company or the homeowner.